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Translate, Inc. is a multi-service company located in Togliatti, Russia, and serving the greater Samara area. We also have offices in Reston, Virginia, USA, and Hyderabad, India.

Translation - Translation, interpretation of Russian, English, Chinese.
Education - Want to study and learn Russian in Russia?
Volga Tour - Want to have a unique and exotic cruise adventure?
Outsourcing - Programming and database solutions.
Business - Looking to invest in this newly-merging market? Start your own business? Find a Russian partner?
Dental Work - Intensive orthodontics/dental work at realistic prices.
Other Services - Want to sponsor your own young Russian tennis star? Need adoption support? Searching for a beautiful Russian wife?

Translate stands by to assist you in Togliatti and Samara, with all your needs as regards Russia.

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Translation - We translate to and from Russian, English and Chinese. We can also translate from German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese and Indian languages. We can translate into Russian or English.We can translate your offical documents, passport, visa, driver's license, diplomas, business papers, or can write letters for you on a variety of subjects. For example, a letter intruducing your company to the city fathers. A magazine advertisement. A brochure. A TV ad. A love letter.
learn russian in russia

Education - do you want to study and learn Russian? Our university-trained and experienced teachers can make learning this difficult language fun and enjoyable. Your Russian learning experience will include field trips for shopping, riding the bus and gazelle (Russian mini-bus), a home-stay if you desire, and a diversity of entertainment - sports, night clubs, restaurants, museums, etc.

For our Russian students, we offer English, German , Spanish and Chinese language learning.

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